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Becoming an alcohol ink artist (In conversation with Polina)

An Instagram Live Chat With Polina, A Russian Alcohol Ink Artist.

Alcohol inks seem easy when we look at others do it, but when we try, we realize that creating compositions and ideas is a tough challenge. And defining your own style, thinking of new ideas and becoming an artist takes time and commitment.

During this conversation, we first discuss a bit about my alcohol ink art journey, how I started taking workshops, my family life and how important is the support system.

We also talk about maintaining a balance between work and family, while also pursuing art.

There are many of us who do not have any formal training in art. During the live session, Polina and I also discuss that we can still make our own mark and style, boost our creativity, learn from artists anywhere in the world, and slowly become better at what we do. We then talk about how we can fight the fear of failure, gain confidence in our art and slowly take steps to become an expert.

Do watch the video recording and share your views about these topics in the comments.

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