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Alcohol Ink Video Tutorials

The most comprehensive alcohol ink art online course on the internet.
44+ Videos |  Real Speed | Upto 1 year access | Help & Support
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Beginners' Tutorials

FREE for all site members

Create a login on the site and get access to 14 videos including products, techniques using hairdryer, brush techniques, more.





Fish Painting

6 months unlimited playback

5 unedited HD video with complete details and product info in English. Beginner to advanced.





All About Flowers

1 year unlimited playback

17 Videos - Simple to complex alcohol ink flowers with or without metallic inks. Wispy flowers, flowers with veins, roses, etc.





All About Ripples

1 year unlimited playback

14 unedited HD videos with step-by-step instructions to take you from beginner to advanced level. 




How to buy the tutorial?

International customers (outside India): Please make the payment from the green buttons below, create a login and get instant access to the videos. 

Indian customers: Please make the payment through the Red INR payment buttons underneath. After payment, create a log-in on this site. Please contact me to activate your account after creating the login. I will provide you access immediately after payment confirmation. Message me at: or DM

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  • All About Ripples

    Basic to advanced step-by-step ripples tutorials
    Valid for one year
    • 14 videos explaining the process
    • 1 year of unlimited playback access
    • Language: English
    • Voice instructions (No subtitle)
    • Online help and guidance
  • All About Flowers

    Simple to complex flowers and roses
    Valid for one year
    • 17 videos explaining the process
    • 1 year of unlimited playback access
    • Language: English
    • Voice instructions (No subtitle)
    • Online help and guidance
  • AI Fish Tutorial

    Learn how to make a beautiful fish painting with alcohol ink
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full HD video explaining the process
    • 6 months of unlimited playback access
    • Language: English.
    • Voice instructions (No subtitle)
    • 5 Beginner to Advanced Videos
  • Best Value

    ALL Tutorials

    Get access to all the videos on the site
    Valid for one year
    • 44+ Videos explaining the process
    • 1 year unlimited playback access
    • Language: English
    • Voice instructions (no subtitles)
    • Offline help and guidance
  • Beginner's Videos

    FREE for ALL
    Free Plan
    • 14 Videos
    • English Language
    • HD Quality
    • At Real Speed
"Netflix for Artists"

All about Ripples course is amazing for all level of artists. If you are beginner, this is a gold mine for you. If you are already working with inks just like me, you will enjoy the videos just like Netflix for your art and learn making compositions. Metallics are my least explored area, got to learn about different metallics and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for always helping me out. Videos are recorded very nicely and I enjoyed painting along with that background music you have added.🤩

- Saloni Goyal

"Amazing tutorial!"

All About Ripples it’s the perfect and most detail tutorial out there. If you are looking to learn how to do ripples, Anuja it’s the best to teach this technique!! She is so patient and has the gift of teaching.

Me, a person that has practice Ripples for a few months now, I was able to learn new things and to improve my skills from every single video tutorial.

I’m so happy and satisfied with this tutorial, it worth every single penny!

- Samantha Campos

"Wonderful tutorial for Beginners to Advanced learners"

Tutorial “All about Ripples” by Anuja is great way to learn how to make proper ripples. Of course , alcohol ink needs lots of practice and technique to control the ink and how you make it flow on surface you are using but it becomes easy and clear watching this tutorial. The videos in this tutorial are well made and each thing is properly explained, which is easy to understand for everyone. I like how Anuja has given small small tips and tricks , what to do and what not to do while making ripples. It also shows different ideas and compositions and various surfaces that can be used. Its a great tutorial even for a newbie and you won’t be disappointed. Another great thing is that Anuja is always ready to help if you have any questions or problems. I love her work with alcohol ink and its a great experience.

- Shweta Easrani

"Excellent course"

I have to let people know that Anuja from pieceofmyart gives fantastic courses so well explained and always there to answer your questions……..I want to thank you so much.

- Rosie

"Recommended tutorials"

I really recommend her video tutorials, you can learn so much and with practice you can achieve very good results.

- Nadine


Alcohol ink is not easy to learn.. Tutorial from anuja maam worked like catalyst and made it easier for me... She is very patient and supportive teacher.. Explained everything u need to know to start ur journey...
Thankful to her..

- AS

"Wonderful course"

I am so glad to have done this course. I have had my ink supplies for a while and I have battled on my own to figure out how to get good effects and work with the ink. Anuja's course teaches many techniques that I can now practice. She is a great teacher and makes following along easy. I also just wanted to say thank you for making the course so well-priced and accessible to more of us. Can definitely recommend this course if you are a beginner!

- Simone

"Wonderful Ripples Tutorial"

Anuja has immense knowledge surely about the alcohol inks techniques and also on how to teach it to absolute beginners! Her calm and methodological approach to this unique art makes it simpler and more tangible, as if we were in a class room. The videos are self sufficient for any beginner, yet she is always there to guide in case one needs it! Am really glad I took this up and can see my art growing ever since. Thanks Anuja for always being there!

- Shikha Tibrewal

"Live Session for All About Flowers"

Thank you Anuja for the fantastic online workshop. You are a wonderful teacher. You take the time to answer any questions and show us how to work out the solution. You are truly an amazing artist and teacher. So happy I ordered your course. It was well worth the money for all the instruction that we received.

 - Suzanne Hall

"Loved the Ripples course"

Hey Anuja! Loved the Ripples course. Very easy to understand and follow. I feel it's helping me enhance my ripples technique!! I also think it helped me get more comfortable with using multiple colors in my paintings. Thank you!!

- Arpita

"Very Good Tutorial"

I have attended Anuja’s online classes before and already had no doubt about her teaching skills. I love her fish paintings. The video is rightly paced. No part is made faster so we can see all the steps at real speed. I had tried painting the fish before the tutorial as well, but failed miserably. After the tutorial, I was happy to see the changes in the way I approached this technique and I can definitely see improvement. I am happy that I now know exactly how to go about it. Anuja’s help through WhatsApp is also very useful in making further improvements. Thank you mam, looking forward for more such tutorials.

- Sakshee R

"Detailed Instructions"

Hi Anuja. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you paint the fish right from the initial sketch till the last details. I did try it, but it will take me some more practice to get it right. Hopefully, I will share a completed painting soon. I loved your explanation of everything that you were doing and I feel that this technique can be used to make many more things. Highly recommended. Thanks for sharing your tricks.

- Amy

"Love the Ripples Tutorials"

Fantastic content, awesome experience! As a complete newbie to AI, I wanted to learn from an expert, and Anuja provides details that would’ve taken me months to figure out. AI requires practice and having the Ripples tutorials to watch repeatedly is so valuable! About 6 hours of practice and i was able to create white ripples on glossy black card stock, even with 60% humidity. Still lots to learn and looking forward to more tutorials from Anuja!!

- Debbie Pryer

"Amazing all about ripples course"

Really loved the all about ripples course. Just started and the way the ripples have come out are amazing. The effort put by Anuja in explaining every detail is what makes the course best for anybody who wants to get the perfect lines.

- Shirsha Datta

"Betta fish video tutorial"

Anuja’s instructions are very clear and she is very eager to help if you have any questions. She is not only a great artist, but also an excellent teacher! Many artists can produce great works, but can’t teach. Anuja, however , can do both!

- Villy Erd

"It's like a personal class"

Having sooo much fun with ur tutorials! It's like a one-to-one session...such detailed explanations!!!

- Shikha

"Clear Instructions"

I am almost a beginner at alcohol inks and was scared of using the dryer before as my inks would always run away. With this tutorial, I was able to find the right products and realized why I was having problems earlier. The troubleshooting page also helped me a lot. I followed each video along with Anuja and it was amazing, just like she explains during the live class.


"Just so awesome"

Anuja is always a delight to learn from. Every time I learn with her, it’s a new experience. It never feels too much or too less. Just the right amount of information. Always smiling, she is such a sweetheart and so so patient answering all our queries.

- Shruti Rai

"Highly impressed"

I took the All about flowers video tutorial, and I must say that it’s the best decision i took for this art form. My artwork got a complete makeover, and the way small details are explained in videos are so nice that you can understand where you are lacking behind. The best part is you can learn at your own pace by watching the videos on repeat. I highly recommend aspiring alcohol ink artists to go for the course.

-Silky Arora

"Amazing teacher"

I have been working with alcohol inks for about a year but felt I had no direction to take it to the next level. I enrolled in 2 of Anuja's alcohol ink video tutorial classes. She is an amazing teacher and extremely patient, knowledgeable and calm in her way of teaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes and highly recommend her.

- Kavita

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