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Discount Codes for Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Nara Papers

ANUJA30 at 
International - only paper (30% extra paper on your order of pack of 10, or rolls)
India - same as above + on inks, you'll get one ink free with purchase of 3.


(International) to get 10% discount.

Itsy Bitsy

ANUJA05 at (for India only)

Creative Hands

ANU10 at (India only) to get 10% discount only on Brustro products (You can get Brustro Paper and Varnish)

Reliance Fine Art

ARTFAMILY to get 10% discount at  (India only)

Lucky Next Art Station 

ANUJA at @lucky_next_the_art_nation to get 10% discount on Copic inks or other art supplies. (India only)

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