Discount Codes for Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Nara Papers

ANUJA30 at 
International - only paper (30% extra paper on your order of pack of 10, or rolls)
India - same as above + on inks, you'll get one ink free with purchase of 3.

Beyond Inks

ANUJA05 at (for India only)


ANUJA at (for India only)

Itsy Bitsy

ANUJA05 at (for India only)

Creative Hands

ANU10 at (India only) to get 10% discount only on Brustro products (You can get Brustro Paper and Varnish)

Reliance Fine Art

ARTFAMILY to get 10% discount at 


(International) to get 10% discount.

Lucky Next Art Station 

ANUJA at @lucky_next_the_art_nation to get 10% discount on Copic inks or other art supplies. (India only)