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Wonderful beginner's course

I am so glad to have done this course. I have had my ink supplies for a while and I have battled on my own to figure out how to get good effects and work with the ink. Anuja's course teaches many techniques that I can now practice. She is a great teacher and makes following along easy. I also just wanted to say thank you for making the course so well-priced and accessible to more of us. Can definitely recommend this course if you are a beginner!

10 Oct 2021

Thanks a ton mam for ur patience to teach us with so much of care and love …. It was worth attending the class 😘❤️😘

asma mirza
9 Oct 2021
Ripples Tutorial

Anuja has immense knowledge surely about the alcohol inks techniques and also on how to teach it to absolute beginners !
Her calm and methodological approach to this unique art makes it simpler and more tangible, as if we were in a class room.
The videos are self sufficient for any beginner, yet she is always there to guide in case one needs it !
Am really glad I took this up and can see my art growing ever since. Thanks Anuja for always being there !

Shikha Tibrewal
8 Oct 2021
Eye candy

I commissioned two pieces from Anuja and I also both two other pieces from the website. Overall I’m very happy with the process of the commissions work .. she took time to understand my request and did dry runs for me. I really love her art work

4 Oct 2021
Review for workshop

Hello everyone,this is shruthi here from chennai i have done one to one workshop from Anuja Agarwal must tell you guys she is wonderful teacher who teaches with lot of patience n answer all your queries patiently. I loved her session n looking forward to learn more and more from her 😊thank you so much anuja for such wonderful session🙏🙏

2 Oct 2021
Worth joining😍❤️

It was dream come true joining Anuja mam’s class… i learnt a lot… also she is always there to guide … thanks a million mam 😘😍😘

Asma Mirza
30 Sep 2021
Ripples and Flowers zoom classes

Absolutely wonderful..😍😍 It was an experience in itself ...Lessons taught so v patiently....queries and doubts cleared at every stepso v efficiently....Thanks a ton again dear Anuja...ur a wonderful teacher ♥

Naheed Ahmed
18 Sep 2021
Fantastic course on Ripples and Roses

This is an outstanding course. Anuja is a very patient teacher. She explains everything in detail and answers all questions. She sends a great supply list ahead of time. Of course, she is a fabulous ink artist as well. I highly recommend learning these techniques from her. You will have confidence that you know what you are doing.

Deb Eastwood
18 Sep 2021
worth it

i have taken some classes before but this one really helped . anuja is an amazing teacher ...thank helped a lot..

anuja vishwakarma
17 Sep 2021
Anujas online classes

I have been working with alcohol inks for about a year but felt I had no direction to take it to the next level. I enrolled in 2 of Anujas classes. She is an amazing teacher and extremely patient, knowledgeable and calm in her way of teaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes and highly recommend her .

14 Sep 2021
Highly impressed

I took the All about flowers video tutorial, and I must say that it’s the best decision i took for this art form. My artwork got a complete makeover, and the way small details are explained in video are so nice that you can understand where you are lacking behind. The best part is you can learn at your own pace by watching the videos on repeat. I highly recommend aspiring alcohol ink artists to go for the course.

Silky Arora

Silky Arora
11 Sep 2021
alcohol ink workshop

Workshop was really interesting & unformatting

10 Sep 2021
Very interactive

The workshop was perfect for beginners like me, it was vry interactive and informative. Anuja had explained everything very patiently. Now I know how to start with alcoholic ink art which I wanted to try since long. Thank you so much Anuja for the wonderful workshop

10 Sep 2021
Simply beautiful

I don't think there is enough diction to express emotions towards art, when it clicks, it clicks. These simple paintings have added a new dimension to my room. Grateful.

4 Sep 2021

Wonderful class from four wonderful alcohol ink artists.
They shared knowledge and were very helpful and also so supportive in the chat.
I really enjoyed the different techniques. Each one so beautiful.
Thank you lovely ladies.
Jo Turner

Jo Turner
18 Aug 2021
Alcohol Ink - Ripples and flowers workshop

Awesome and so insightful. Highly recommended.

13 Aug 2021
Ripples n flowers

Very good class n superb techniques

Preeti Goyal
13 Aug 2021
Cool and insightful experience

The workshop was wonderful and felt so good to watch the color blend so seamlessly and beautiful that forms in the paper. Anuja was really patient in teaching the techniques.
Thanks a lot for sharing your passion with us 🧡

13 Aug 2021
Ripples and flowers review

Anuja's workshop was a pleasure to be in. She has authority on the subject and explained expertly and patiently and cleared all doubts. More power to her!

Raksha Jesrani
13 Aug 2021
Ai class

Great class

13 Aug 2021
Amazing workshop

Hi Anuja, I know I took long time to share my experience but I really wanted to share something good enough to express my feelings. 😊
So here is my achievement and I would love to say that I really learnt a lot, your way of explanation and making things easier is amazing. You gave me direction and guided me to manage the alcohol inks beautifully.
Thank you for being such a nice guide and a wonderful person. ❤️

Ruchi Sharma
10 Aug 2021
Funfilled workshop

Anuja with her amazing art and talent is an extremely patient but accurate guide. She makes the art activity actually a fun process.

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you 😊

Jalpa nagori
8 Aug 2021
Lovely worskshop

The workshop was very beginner friendly with Anuja patiently checking everyone s work and helping us correct mistakes. Her tips and tricks to achieve beautiful pieces like hers will help us a lot. This has been my second workshop with her and I ve thoroughly enjoyed both! Thank you!

Priya Naik
7 Aug 2021
Online workshop

Online workshop was great but maybe it's restrictive as it was online class

6 Aug 2021
Beautiful Artwork and Comfortable Consumer Experience

She answered my questions about framing and shipping right away, and I could order with ease.

I ordered from Japan, but it took only a few weeks to arrive. She packaged it very carefully, and it arrived safely.

I'm so happy to live with the cheerful painting. The Instagram photos are nice, but the real artwork is more attractive! Thank you so much.

31 Jul 2021
alcohol flower

really enjoyed the workshop, looking forward to try with right products and techniques now.

thank you ma'am

24 Jul 2021
Simply awesome!

Thank you Anujaji for creating these beautiful masterpieces for us!We all loved these “pieces of your heart”.Thank you once again!

Dipti Vyas
24 Jul 2021
Loved the Ripples course

Hey Anuja! Loved the Ripples course. Very easy to understand and follow. I feel its helping me enhance my ripples technique!! I also thinks it helped me get more comfortable with using multiple colors in my paintings. Thank you!!

1 Jul 2021
Wonderful tutorial for Beginners to Advanced learners

Tutorial "All about Ripples" by Anuja is great way to learn how to make proper ripples. Of course , alcohol ink needs lots of practice and technique to control the ink and how you make it flow on surface you are using but it becomes easy and clear watching this tutorial. The videos in this tutorial are well made and each thing is properly explained, which is easy to understand for everyone. I like how Anuja has given small small tips and tricks , what to do and what not to do while making ripples. It also shows different ideas and compositions and various surfaces that can be used. Its a great tutorial even for a newbie and you won't be disappointed. Another great thing is that Anuja is always ready to help if you have any questions or problems. I love her work with alcohol ink and its a great experience.

Shweta Easrani
22 Jun 2021
Amazing tutorial!

All About Ripples it�??s the perfect and most detail tutorial out there. If you are looking to learn how to do ripples, Anuja it�??s the best to teach this technique!! She is so patient and has the gift of teaching.

Me, a person that has practice Ripples for a few months now, I was able to learn new things and to improve my skills from every single video tutorial.

I�??m so happy and satisfied with this tutorial, it worth every single penny!

Samantha Campos
21 Jun 2021
Amazing workshop

Thank you Anujaa ma�??am I learned many things today.... I enjoyed alcohol ink art and love this new art form.the way you explained it was so good and able to understand all things help me in explore more and more of this alcohol ink art form..Thank you so much

Shweta jain
13 Jun 2021
It was an amazing session

It was an amazing session with colours and anuja.She has this sweet way of teaching which makes you feel comfortable and makes you want to attend more such sessions.Looking forward to more workshops from her.

Rajul Singhal
12 Jun 2021
Amazing fun session

Anuja is very polite and patient.It was a very personalised workshop with good understanding of so many different techniques.
Practice would definitely help me in getting better at it

12 Jun 2021
Such an incredible workshop!

This compositions workshop is a jam-packed three hours, learning so many different techniques but incredibly never once felt rushed. Anuja somehow manages to squeeze so much in but still answer all our questions and make each one of us feel so included. I cannot recommend Anuja's workshops highly enough - incredible value with such a highly skilled teacher.

Una Begley
12 Jun 2021
Amazing workshop

Thank u Anuja for this amazing session, learnt a lot which is never possible to get through without a proper workshop specially from the one who is super talented and all I need to do is practice practice n more practice..

Krimali Sagar shah
5 Jun 2021
Just so awesome

Anuja is always a delight to learn from. Every time I learn with her, it�??s a new experience. It never feels too much or too less. Just the right amount of information.

Always smiling, she is such a sweetheart and so so patient answering all our queries.

Shruti Rai
5 Jun 2021
Love the Ripples Tutorials �???

Fantastic content, awesome experience! As a complete newbie to AI, I wanted to learn from an expert, and Anuja provides details that would�??ve taken me months to figure out. AI requires practice and having the Ripples tutorials to watch repeatedly is so valuable! About 6 hours of practice and i was able to create white ripples on glossy black card stock, even with 60% humidity. Still lots to learn and looking forward to more tutorials from Anuja!!

Debbie Pryer
31 May 2021
Great workshop!

I am very thankful to Anuja for introducing me to this beautiful new art. She is very patient with students and does teach great techniques. Hope to learn new more techniques from her in future.

Priyanshi Thakore
31 May 2021
A well spent Saturday evening

It was a privilege learning from You Anuja. The 3 hour workshop was packed with information and excitement! It was a dream come true for me. Sheet practice remembering the techniques makes you perfect and as for Anuja, she is perfect!

Sushila Prakash
30 May 2021
Wonderful workshop

I attended an workshop with Anuja yesterday and it was amazing. She was patient, didn�??t hurry into things, gave enough time, described everything in details and had a big smile all throughout. Loved it when she said �??Wow�?? to all the compositions in spite of knowing that it was average. That�??s how you inspire people!

It was a great learning experience for all of us! She is simply the best.

Gitika Chakraborty
30 May 2021
Amazing All about ripples course

Really loved the all about ripples course. Just started and the way the ripples have come out are amazing. The effort put by Anuja in explaining every detail is what makes the course best for anybody who wants to get the perfect lines.

Shirsha Datta
29 May 2021
Lovely Workshop!!

Lovely workshop for people that know the basics of Alcohol Inks and are ready for the next step in technique!

Sonja Pos-Silva
17 May 2021
Very informative and fun session

Really fond of all your art was an amazing experience learning all the techniques...thanks a ton for this session.. looking forward to such more fun sessions..

Sakshi Agarwal
17 May 2021
The workshop was very informative

The workshop was very informative and fun. Anuja covered a lot of tiny details which helped a lot in perfecting the art.

Abhini Shetye
16 May 2021
As An Alcohol Inks Beginner, This is the class to take

I recently took Anjul's class: Alcohol Inks Techniques. I love the way she teaches and describes the process. The class was 3.5 hrs. She really taught us a lot of new ideas for the alcohol inks and how to properly use them.
This is well worth it! Will take from her again.

M.C. Hart
11 May 2021

It was a great workshop.
I learned techniques that Are helpful for painting with alcohol inks.

11 May 2021
Great class and it was

Great class and it was very easy to understand and follow along! I look forward to the next class!

8 May 2021
Wonderful Workshop

This is my 3rd workshop with Anuja and Piece of My Art. Each time I learn new techniques that improve my art. She brings together �??the best of the best�?� course instructors. The workshops are therapeutic as well as instructive for me, help me evaluate my progress and continue to refine my skills. My thanks to Anuja, Kimberly, Anne and June!!!

Lauren Beyeler
2 May 2021
Ripples and Flowers

Loved the class
Anuja went through the process in very confident and relaxing manner

I learned many useful skills and she patiently answered queries and gave directions

I highly recommend her workshop

Dr Safaa Saaed Maxwell (Safi)

Safi Maxwell
26 Apr 2021
Excellent teacher

Anuja's class gave me a lot of confidence to practice and her techniques were precise and easy to follow

Riya George
25 Apr 2021
A must if you want to improve your skill

Beautiful personality! Exquisite talent. She walks you through the most challenging aspects and explains everything in a very encouraging tone.

Cynn Amanda
24 Apr 2021

She did wonderful workshop and also very good follow up after the workshop. Thank you

Shaghayegh Doustani
22 Apr 2021
Best workshop ever !

I had the best one on one workshop with Anuja Ma�??am. She was just amazing, so patient and very encouraging. She motivated me to not give up and to keep trying and practicing. She was very gentle and understanding, the best teacher in alcohol ink definitely. I highly recommend all amateur artists to learn from her.
Thank you so much Ma�??am �??��?��

Dr Pooja Vyas
20 Apr 2021
Great workshop

I got a lot of tops and ideas of ways to use acrylic inks. I�??m glad it�??s still available for a while because I didn�??t have the right materials on the live workshop and need to try again when my new materials arrive.
Explanations were clear. Because I was doing while listening I wasn�??t always watching so definitely need to watch again. I�??ll be able to pause while I try out sections.

Alli Morton
18 Apr 2021
Alcohol Ink Techniques April 17/21

I just started doing alcohol ink in January and I�??m so addicted! Being a newbie I am trying to learn as much as possible and practice all the time. It was very helpful to be able to watch the process, what to look for, things to avoid and even the subtle little tips can make such a huge difference. I will definitely try to get in on these classes as much as possible and look forward to seeing my work progress.
Thank you Thank you Thank you !

D�??Arcy Hall
17 Apr 2021
Betta fish video tutorial

Anuja�??s instructions are very clear and she is very eager to help if you have any questions. She is not only a great artist, but also an excellent teacher! Many artists can produce great works, but can�??t teach. Anuja, however , can do both!

Villy Erd
13 Apr 2021
3rd april workshop

Anuja is a very good coach, teacher, she taught the technique in very comfortable way. She was relaxed and not in hurry to end the workshop.
I enjoyed every bit of it.
Though I was not able to do one technique but she guided again and again.
Thnaks and looking forward to learn more

Priyanka Gupta
5 Apr 2021
Advance workshop 4th April