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Flower Workshop/ Video tutorials

The workshop was really great, Anuja explained it really well and took time to answer all questions. I can also really recommend her video tutorials, you can learn so much and with practice you can achieve very good results.

21 Jan 2022
Online Workshop: Blooming Flowers with Alcohol Inks

Anuja is a great teacher. It is easy to follow her explanations and she is answering all the questions occuring while practicing the technique. First, she showed on her iPad how she draws the flowers before she did it in real. That really helped.
Unfortunatley, I didn't have the right paper. For this technique it is essential to use Alcohol Ink Paper. With the Synthetic Paper like the one I you don't get the requested results which is a bit of frustrated.
It's good that you get the Workshop Video afterwards to try it again anytime later.
Nevertheless, it is all about practice.
I can totally recommend Anuja's Workshops!

17 Jan 2022
15th Jan workshop

It was my first live workshop with you maam..must say you are a great mentor.lived every bit of it and loved 5he way how you made easy understanding...such a soft person by are as beautiful as your artworks are..

Neeloo sandhu
16 Jan 2022
Flowers workshop review - Recommended!

The session was wonderful. Anuja explains everything in detail, and I highly recommend her work.

Sonali Shinde
16 Jan 2022
Excellent session learning Wispy flowers !

Thanks Anuja, for the enriching session.. had so much fun while you guided us with easy steps !
Your commitment to teaching is unmatched !

Shikha tibrewal
15 Jan 2022
Anuja Aggarwal paintings

Amazing work done by Anuja maam. Very beautiful art . God bless.

Shivali Pathania
13 Jan 2022
Must do WS for alcohol ink guys

One of the best workshop attended so far.
Anuja gives you enough information needed for alcohol ink. If you are interested in Alcohol ink I should say this must be your first stop to start with.The knowledge on experience and art are shared aptly and clearly by Anuja.

Looking forward to attend advance classes with her

Thank you so much

13 Dec 2021
Alcohol inks workshop

I had attended a workshop on Alcohol Inks art by Anuja and it was amazing. I got to learn 5 techniques from her and she taught everyone with so much patience. Really liked the workshop.

Agrimaa Saigal
10 Dec 2021
Alcohol Ink workshop

It is a very iinnovative art form...really beautiful...a lot to experiment & learn...Anuja M'am introduced us to various art techniques with patience and minute details...loved her calmness !!!

Asha Tater
10 Dec 2021
Would highly recommend

Had the opportunity to do this wonderful alcohol ink workshop recently with the extremely talented Anuja, where she took us step by step through different techniques and patiently helped us through those, providing various insights. It was an engaging workshop with insights into various aspects including the role of humidity, the types of tools, inks, papers, IPAs, etc explained thoroughly. Would highly recommend this !

Jini Susan
20 Nov 2021
Alcohol ink

It was a nice Workshop. Anuja was very patient and polite and addressed all our queries. Anuja has immense knowledge about the medium.
I need to get proper materials to try again what Anuja has taught us.

Richa Chandrawanshi
15 Nov 2021
Alcohol ink workshop

Thank you Anuja for a wonderful session. It was quite informative and I thoroughly enjoyed learning the various techniques used. You have explained so patiently and in depth that even though it was an online workshop we could grasp the knowledge you've shared. You've been amazing with alcohol inks!! Thank you!!

14 Nov 2021
Workshop Review

One of the best online workshops I have attended , Anuja is extremely patient and well versed throughout the course , she takes the time to share tips , tricks , brands and techniques as well . The 3 hour went so well and though the Alchohol Ink art is not so easy , she made it really interesting

Risheeka Wadhwani
12 Nov 2021
Beautiful budha alcohol inks painting

We saw Anuja's work on Instagram and loved her budha painting. I contacted her on Instagram and placed an order for that painting. Anuja kept us updated about her progress and sent us pictures too.

The painting was finished and shipped to us in US. It was packaged well and arrived without any issues or damage.

We love her work and loved the painting she made for us. I will highly recommend her work.

8 Nov 2021
Just Beautiful

I’ve just received my painting., beautifully packaged and in record time., it’s even more beautiful in person.. I’m so delighted.. thank you Anuja

Jackie O Donnell
3 Nov 2021
Ripples and flowers workshop on 23 oct

What an incredible experience. Learning these techniques of alcohol art from Anuja was a great experience. Her way of explaining things is very simple and clear. She is very patient and soft spoken and encourages the participants to interact and clear their doubts. Amazing teacher. I am glad to have attended this workshop and would recommend it to others interested in learning this art. Thank you Anujaonce again

Vandana Kaushal
25 Oct 2021
Alcohol ink workshop

Attended my first workshop on alcohol ink today and just want to share , it was completely knowledgeable and creative. Every single step Anuja taught so perfectly. It's really a pleasure to learn from Anuja who is a wonderful teacher.
I would Love to attend more workshops conducted by her.
Many best wishes to her for future endeavours ❤️

Bhawna Chauhan
22 Oct 2021
Insightful, professional & interactive.

Was very excited and awaiting to take up the session and the Artist Anuja did not fail to surprise us .
Anuja was so patient, warm and over all very professional to serve every one's interest and ensured they were attended. My 3rd workshops of art and craft, and it's a first online. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Anuja.

10 Oct 2021

Anuja’s teaching techniques are very easy to follow. Extensive coverage on alcohol ink methods. Kind and patient. I Would recommend her without any doubt. Look forward to attending more classes in the future with you.

Rebeka Siritunga
9 Oct 2021
One to one workshop

I attended Anuja's one to one session in advanced alcohol ink workshop.
She is the most wonderful and patient teacher and explains everything in detail starting from the basics. She cleared all my doubts and queries. I would love to learn so much more from her.
Thank you so much Anuja for such a wonderful experience.

Shailja Jindal
4 Oct 2021
Review for workshop

Hello everyone this is shruthi here from chennai i have attended one to one workshop from Anuja Agarwal must tell you guys she was so patient so beautifully she thought each n everything from basic to advance :) worth doing such class 😊thank you soo much for all your guidance 🙏🙏

2 Oct 2021
loved the teaching style

Anujaji is so patient and wonderful teacher i really learned a lot n gain confidence while doing alcohol ink art she is my inspiration 🤗🤩🤩🤩Ty so much
this is d best workshop in such short time you got to learn so much😇

Bhavna Patel
30 Sep 2021
Review about workshop

I had never attended such lovely friendly workshop before. Anuja , our mentor our friend such a down to earth lady , shows the steps n explains so neatly ,Well presented. Guides us personally through every steps , encourages us more & loves our work too . I just love anuja & her works .

Sharanya bhat
30 Sep 2021
Amazing experience

It was really great to learn from Anuja Ma'am. The way she taught, the way she explains and answer all the queries so calmly was commandable. Would love to attend further sessions by her.

Aayushi Jain
18 Sep 2021
An amazing workshop!

This is a wonderful workshop. I learned so much today. Anuja takes her time to go through each process and answer any questions that come up. A delight. Well. worth it! Thanks Anuja.

Catherine Smith
18 Sep 2021
Alchohol ink workshop

Dear Anuja,

I feel so blessed to be a part of the alchohol ink workshop.

You have always been extraordinary. The way you present yourself is awesome. Lemme tell you that I have attended many a workshops but learn the basics only from you …. May you reach more heights … much love always ♥️♥️♥️

Santoshini Narayan
17 Sep 2021
Attended beginners class

Loved Anuja's workshop. She is an excellent teacher and very good at explaining all the techniques.

12 Sep 2021
alcohol ink workshop

I enjoyed alot.learn lot of thing.eagerly waiting for next workshop.

10 Sep 2021
Amazing Session!

The session was super nice !I'm a beginner and everything that I needed to know about alcoholic inks were discussed in the session. I really liked the workshop and the way how everything was being taught.

Namitha Viswanathan
10 Sep 2021
Really very informative lesson

I went to an alcohol ink course before but it is nothing like close to how Anuja conducted the class. I felt that I have been fed with alot of info and technique needed to create a proper piece. Will continue to practice and thank you Anuja for the guidance

9 Sep 2021
Very nicely conducted

I attended Anuja’s beginners workshop on alcohol inks. It was very informative and I learnt beautiful techniques. I am a newbie in world of alcohol inks but got to know various tips and techniques in this online session where we worked alongside the instructor Anuja. I’m glad I attended it. Thank you so much.

Rashida Golwala
21 Aug 2021
Ripples & Flowers class

Today’s class was awesome, Anuja is an amazing teacher, she explained things in a clear, concise, and understandable manner, and it was very easy to follow along. I learned answers to questions that I’d had in my head for some time now. Every time a question was asked about why inks acted in a certain way, she knew right away what the problem was. I’m so glad that I participated in this workshop, I got to meet a wonderful teacher, and someone who’s art I’ve admired for a long time. I also got to see a lot of lovely faces of artists from a whole different continent, that were friendly, and warm. Thank you so much, Anuja! It was a absolute pleasure! Highly recommend this class!

Kari Olson
14 Aug 2021
Ripples workshop

lovely session learning new techniques, going to attend many more for sure.

Bhavna Varyani
13 Aug 2021
Too good

Excellent workshop. Very well taught. Well explained with lot of patience.
Thank u so much

13 Aug 2021
Advance Alcohol Ink workshop

Thanks Anuja for the wonderful and informative workshop on Rose and ripples. You answered all our questions so patiently. Love your work! Thanks again :)

Shruti kapoor
13 Aug 2021
Ripples and flowers workshop

Thank you so much for a wonderful session . Enjoyed every bit of it ♥️

Kriti Kumar
13 Aug 2021
14 August Workshop with Anuja

I learned a lot from this workshop. It was a great sharing, full of tips on advanced techniques demonstrated. Now I know where are my mistakes, just need more practices and lots of patience!

Thanks Anuja.

Rozi Salleh
13 Aug 2021
Beginners go for it😍

It is lovely to take a class from such an amazing artist I always admired on instagram. We usually think they are so perfect but they are also human like us. It was such a great experience with Anuja she shared her experience and the mistakes she made as a beginner. She also clarifies all the doubts u have, even after the class. Loved it 10/10 should go for it

8 Aug 2021

A fabulous workshop with all the details provided....
Thanks alot anuja...
There are very few amazing artist who are ready to share there tricks n tips with beginners....
Really happy to have opportunity to learn a great art with u

Prabhmeet Saluja
7 Aug 2021

I learned so many techniques and new ways to create my alcohol ink compositions! I'm really excited to put these techniques to the test and create some beautiful work! Thank you for the lovely workshop, it was very informational and fun!

7 Aug 2021
Good fun and learning

I had a great time interacting and learning from Anuja. She is extremely patient, and her precise feedback helped me understand what I was doing wrong.
I did find the three hour session too long, especially when working with chemicals like 99% Alcohol. It would help if the workshop was broken down into two or three hour-long shorter sessions with more time for the participants to practice each technique.

Overall, a wonderful experience.

Piyusha Vir
6 Aug 2021
Live Session with Anuja

Thank you Anuja for the fantastic online workshop. You are a wonderful teacher. You take the time to answer any questions and show us how to work out the solution. You are truly an amazing artist and teacher. So happy I ordered your course. It was well worth the money for all the instruction that we received.

Suzanne Hall
25 Jul 2021
All about flowers

Thankyou ma'am for such an amazing session.I would recommend this to all those who want to learn something new. Its absolutely worth it. Would love to learn new techniques from you. Love your work❤️

24 Jul 2021
Three Customized Paintings

I ordered 3 customised paintings from Anuja and they turned out to be art pieces for my home. Transformed my entire decor to the next level. Anuja understood my requirements, customised the art to my taste and choice, gave me couple of options to choose from, interacted with my interior designer and delivered more than what i had expected. Anuja made the process simple, she shared images during the entire process for me to be sure and comfortable that i would be getting what i asked for. It wouldnt be right for me to comment on the pricing as her art speaks for itself, putting a price tag to it wouldn’t be appropriate. Anuja also made sure that the art was packed in the best possible way as it was being delivered in Mumbai during rainy season. Even post delivery she helped me choosing the right frame and glass for the art. It was a pleasure working with Anuja. I wish her all the luck and she has got a client for life for sure…!

Pratik Chawla
23 Jul 2021
Super professionel and a clever teacher

Thank you Anuja for a fantastic and thorough online workshop. Each time I attend your workshops, I always get every penny worth and more. You are almost like a magnet - haha. Some how you always find the time to all of us, and you are always very well prepared, you think of everything, and I feel how much you love painting and sharing it with all of us. I have learned so much from you, thank you from my heart. �?�️

Anna Torring
26 Jun 2021
Netflix for Artists

All about Ripples course is amazing for all level of artists. If you are beginner, this is a gold mine for you. If you are already working with inks just like me, you will enjoy the videos just like Netflix for your art and learn making compositions. Metallics are my least explored area, got to learn about different metallics and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for always helping me out. Videos are recorded very nicely and I enjoyed painting along with that background music you have added.�?��

Saloni Goyal
21 Jun 2021
Fulfilling workshop

Anuja, this was my first workshop with u and with alcohol ink. I am so glad I chose you as my first mentor. The workshop was so well planned, we covered various techniques and it dint even feel rushed. You took time to answer each of our questions and handheld us through the process even though it was an online programme. Thank you for being patient and such a great mentor. Looking forward to more such sessions.

Sahana Sen
15 Jun 2021
A great workshop !!

As always Anuja's workshop was fun and a great way to learn the art in a simple and easy paced way. She takes time to explain everything in detail while reviewing everyone's work and sharing her advice...

Tulika Khanna
13 Jun 2021

Just brilliant! Hard but brilliant. Beautifully structured class covering lots of techniques. So, so glad I participated.

Rachana Devidayal
12 Jun 2021
Brilliant workshop

Anuja's workshop was so much fun and so very informative...
Each thing was explained and demonstrated very well.
Loved the class.
Thank u

Maryam Ahmad
12 Jun 2021
Great workshop when you know how to work with alcohol inks

After taking part in the other workshops, I felt ready for more advanced ripple and flower techniques. This was a great way to practice and I have learned a lot �??��?���?��??� and I really like that she records the workshops, so you can watch it back on a later time.

Angela Schuurmans
5 Jun 2021
I enjoyed watching the workshop

I enjoyed watching the workshop a lot! The flow of teaching was very smooth and clear which made me to get full understanding of learning process.Thank u for the session .

Khushboo Agarwal
5 Jun 2021
Basic alcohol ink workshop

Anuja is an amazing teacher.She ia very patient with her students and teaches them all her leaned and experienced tips and tricks.
She is the best alcohol ink artist in the country and proves to be. We had an amazing fun filled and knowledgeable session. Looking forward to more workshops.

Astha Tyagi
31 May 2021
A lovely beginner friendly workshop

The workshop was so well conducted by Anuja.
She very patiently took us through each technique which was very helpful. I had been experimenting with inks since a while but felt the need to be guided and I�??m so glad I did a workshop with Anuja,It gave so much more clarity on how to use various tools and techniques.
Will surly recommend it to all beginners wanting to learn this medium! Thank you! �???

Khushboo Mehta
31 May 2021
Amazing workshop

The "Alcohol ink Compositions" workshop was really amazing.

Anuja is a brilliant artist and teacher,she taught us many techniques and lots of tips.

I'm looking forward for the next workshop.

Fabiana Mieres
30 May 2021
Loved the Workshop

So glad I registered for the workshop.
Thanks Anuja for keeping it so interactive and teaching with patience. Completely lost track of time in the process �???

I would try on coasters and try my luck!! Thanks for being available before and after the workshop as well, to clarify any doubt that pops up�???

Navneet Kaur
30 May 2021
Art of love

Anuja you are amazing trainer. The way you explain everything was amazing. Love each and every techniques.

Lippi chanduka
30 May 2021