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Alcohol Inks Private Lessons
Online or Offline (Jaipur, India)

Date: Chosen based on mutual convenience

Time: Chosen based on mutual convenience (good for international participants as well)

Duration: 3 hours + Initial discussions about material + WhatsApp guidance for one week after the workshop


ONLINE: 9000/- or 120 USD (for 3 hours - single class, material not included) (International participants may please contact me for PayPal link)


OFFLINE/IN-STUDIO: Rs. 10,000/- (for 3 hours - single class, basic material included)

30% discount for additional participants in the same workshop.

This workshop is designed for individuals who want to seriously understand the nature of inks and work along with me in a step-by-step guided way with all the right products.  

Upon registration, I will contact the person through phone call and WhatsApp and have a friendly discussion about the products they already have, other supplies needed, list of materials, where to get the stuff from, chit-chat about art goals, and so on.

Once the person has received all the supplies, we can have the session at a mutually decided time.

We shall cover the following techniques during the workshop: 

  1. Learning to work with a dryer 

  2. Creating a wispy composition/fades 

  3. Ripples

  4. Ripples with metallic inks

  5. Flowers with veins

  6. Roses 

Customized Workshop: (Rs.10,000/- or 130 USD)

The participant can pick the techniques they would like to learn and we can plan the content accordingly. Material charges extra for offline session.

Large paintings: (Offline only) - Rs.12,000/-

- We can create 1 painting of maximum 24x36 inches and one of 12x18 inches.

- This session is for learners who already have experience with inks.

- Basic material included. 

Please note, that some of these techniques might require a lot of practice and will not happen at once, but I would request the participant to keep practicing even after the completion of the course. The participant can share the results and stay connected with me on WhatsApp and get further advice.

One-to-One In-studio Workshop Pictures

One-to-One Online Workshop Reviews

"Anuja is truly amazing, she answered all the questions I had and gave me incredible advice of how I can improve going forward. She took the time to thoroughly explain what I needed to do to fix the techniques I was struggling with. I even learned how humidity was a major factor as to why my pieces were not turning out as expected. She is excellent in what she does and I highly recommend her expertise and workshops to anyone. I am likely going to book another one with her in the near future, she is incredibly sweet and kind, if you haven’t already, please book a session with her if you want to learn alcohol ink, she is truly gifted in her craft. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Anuja!! You’re amazing!!"

- Andrea Reade

Screen Shot 09-14-20 at 07.03 PM.JPG

“So I did this alcohol ink art detailing one on one workshop with Anuja and I’m super happy with it. She’s utmost patient and sweet. She’s told me every single detail without even being asked. She’s so knowledgeable and good at what she’s doing. Would totally recommend her and will also try to learn more with her.”

- Shruti Rai

Screen Shot 10-30-20 at 01.27 PM 001.JPG

“Anuja is a skilled and patient teacher. Her own art work is gorgeous, and in a one-hour private lesion, she was able to teach the fundamentals of the ripple technique along with some troubleshooting skills. She was easy to schedule with and responsive by email – she is in India and I am on the east coast of the US. Great lesson, and would highly recommend.”

- Sarah Allen-Short

Screen Shot 10-07-20 at 06.36 PM 001.JPG

“I had the privilege of attending a private session with Anuja and I can’t thank her enough for the time. She is a master in what she does and has exceptional knowledge of conducting workshops. She spends good time in explaining all things at a pace of the student. She is very professional and I have had the pleasure to get all my mistakes corrected from her, be it the way she did a demo of techniques and doesn't hesitate to answer queries even before and after the workshop, Thank you so much and I am so glad to have found a friend like you.”

- Sakshee Vijayvargia

Screen Shot 09-09-20 at 05.53 PM.JPG

“So to start with I was very confused whether to learn or no but then I saw her Instagram page and how talented she is. I’ve had all my doubts cleared while the alcohol ink workshop session from materials to which brand and also the substitutes to the products. We started from basic technique to advance and all was taught in detail. I really enjoyed the whole session would love to attend more of these sessions which also is a therapy. Lots of love to you Anuja.”

- Siddhi Singh

Screen Shot 08-26-20 at 05.06 PM 001.JPG

“Alcohol art work is new to me and I loved how simply Anuja made me understand just over an online class we did. It was a great wonderful experience, loved playing with colours and trying something which felt good in a long time. Thank you for teaching me incredible art.”

- Anshul Shoor

Screen Shot 10-20-20 at 01.18 PM 001.JPG

“It was so satisfying to see how Anuja handled the alcohol ink and it made me wonder why the alcohol became so obedient in her hands. Anuja’s instructions were very clear and she explained everything step by step. Most importantly, she is friendly and patient, which is important to me because I am very clumsy.”

- Vily Erd

Screen Shot 10-25-20 at 03.49 PM 001.JPG

“I did a one-on-one workshop with Anuja and I loved it. I have always been interested in alcohol ink and I made the best decision to learn it from her. It was a fun learning session and all techniques were explained properly. Her art work is amazing and she is a very nice person to speak and be taught from. I will definitely be doing her advanced level workshop once I have mastered the beginner’s techniques :)”

- Sakshi Bagaria

Screen Shot 01-06-21 at 01.45 PM 001.JPG

“An amazing workshop, with a lot of techniques taught very patiently. Anuja has a very clear techniques and amazing eye for details!”

- Devyani Saxena

Screen Shot 08-24-20 at 06.00 PM 002.JPG

“What a magical experience with an amazing person like Anuja ji...... you actually helped me to explore this art in a very different manner.... I hope your guidance will open many more doors while exploring this art....”

- Nidhi Agarwal

Screen Shot 09-08-20 at 05.08 PM.JPG

"Fab...Absolutely brilliant lesson – very clear would highly recommend."

- Alice wright

Screen Shot 01-19-21 at 05.30 PM.JPG

"I did a fabulous 1:1 workshop with Anuja. We focused on specific techniques and she not only explained different ways of working around but led by example and encouraged me to do it along. She is so thorough and a brilliant teacher. I definitely feel more confident about trying out what I learnt. It was totally worth it and I would highly, highly recommend one."

- Radhika

Screen Shot 02-03-21 at 01.55 PM 001.JPG

"One to one workshop was amazing. Anuja is a very talented and good teacher. I have learned basic techniques of alcohol ink in this workshop. Even she helped me very calmly to fix my mistakes and gave me some tips also. Moreover, the workshop was very detailed and well explained. If you are interested in alcohol ink, I must recommend this workshop."

- Priyanshi Patel

Screen Shot 02-01-21 at 05.43 PM.JPG

"The one to one session with Anuja has been amazing! From the first moment I got in touch with her she has been really helpfull and provided me with all the information needed about materials for the workshop day! During the session Anuja was lovely to follow: she first demonstrated the tecniques I ask to learn, with lots of advice and tips and then I got the chance to try it on my own under her guidance!
It has been really helpful and I suggest it to everyone!"

- Jessica Peresson

Screen Shot 02-10-21 at 04.07 PM 001.JPG

"I’m not a beginner at alcohol inks but I hit a block (and bored) of what I was creating! This private lesson for ripple and roses helped challenge me to learn new techniques to better my craft! The instructions were explained well and the exercises were paced and not rushed so that I could understand what I was doing! Thank you for offering private instruction! Loved every minute ♥️"

- Sarah Dearbaugh

Screen Shot 02-17-21 at 08.15 PM 001.JPG

"I had the privilege of attending a private session with Anuja and I can’t thank her enough for the time. She is a master in what she does and has exceptional knowledge of conducting workshops and private sessions. She spends good time in explaining all things at a pace of the student. She is very professional and I have had the pleasure to get all my mistakes corrected from her, be it the way she did a demo of techniques and doesn’t hesitate to answer queries even before and after the private session Thank you so much and I I am so happy to be with You."

- Annu Pal

Screen Shot 03-02-21 at 05.20 PM 003.JPG

"I had this chance to attend the one on one workshop with Anuja and I am so impressed with her work. she teaches so patiently. She’s so helpful. she calls it basic but I think she teaches you so much and gives you so many suggestions as to how you can use your work. she gave me a proper guidance regarding the material. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt so much. Thank you so much .looking forward to the advance workshop." 

- Archana Jhawar

Screen Shot 03-04-21 at 06.35 PM 001.JPG

"I had the best one on one workshop with Anuja Ma’am. She was just amazing, so patient and very encouraging. She motivated me to not give up and to keep trying and practicing. She was very gentle and understanding, the best teacher in alcohol ink definitely. I highly recommend all amateur artists to learn from her. Thank you so much Ma’am 🙏🏻"

- Dr Pooja Vyas

Screen Shot 04-20-21 at 01.27 PM 001.JPG

"Peaceful and Blissful session. Thank you Anuja for Helping me create this beautiful art. With no background of any art skills I still managed to create something that makes me happy. And I think this is the magic of alcohol ink. Nara papers and ink is of such good quality and I am in love. Can’t wait to reorder. I enjoyed it and I recommend anyone who wants to feel happy, de stress and enjoy themselves."

- Aishwarya Nigam

Screen Shot 04-25-21 at 01.34 PM 001.JPG

"Really very informative lesson. I went to an alcohol ink course before but it is nothing like close to how Anuja conducted the class. I felt that I have been fed with alot of info and technique needed to create a proper piece. Will continue to practice and thank you Anuja for the guidance."

- Erinna


"Hello everyone,this is Shruthi here from Chennai. I have done one to one workshop from Anuja Agarwal must tell you guys she is wonderful teacher who teaches with lot of patience n answer all your queries patiently. I loved her session n looking forward to learn more and more from her. Thank you so much Anuja for such wonderful session."

- Shruthi

Screen Shot 09-23-21 at 06.36 PM 001.JPG

"I attended Anuja's one to one session in advanced alcohol ink workshop. She is the most wonderful and patient teacher and explains everything in detail starting from the basics. She cleared all my doubts and queries. I would love to learn so much more from her. Thank you so much Anuja for such a wonderful experience."

- Shailja Jindal

Screen Shot 10-04-21 at 06.57 PM 001.JPG

"Wonderful class by Anuja. Enjoyed the session while learning the techniques.."

- Rashmi Aradhya

Screen Shot 04-29-22 at 01.23 PM 001.JPG

"I had a wonderful n constructive private session with Anuja, covering everything I needed to learn. She’s so generous with her knowledge and ever so patient. This, one-to-one session is the best way to learn if you’re new and want to get everything right from the very start."

- Evelyn Ying

Screen Shot 07-06-22 at 12.01 PM 001.JPG

"So much fun in this 1-1 class! Anuja is a gifted artist and a truly wonderful instructor. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process and gave me so many incredible tips to make my art flourish. As a beginner, I was not very confident that I could learn the craft and create pieces that I’d be proud of, let alone show it to anyone, but Anuja just brings the best out of you. Sometimes you just need a friendly instructor coaching directly and showing you where to tweak things a little. I learned that I absolutely can become better and have a lot of fun improving my creations.
100% recommend Anuja’s private online workshop. She is amazing and I’m already looking forward to another class with her! ❤️"

- NixLee Zener

Screen Shot 08-21-22 at 10.32 PM.JPG

"Patient, calming and Knowledgeable. Because I am very new to alcohol inking, I was so nervous. Her calming demeanor made me feel so comfortable, I am so happy that I took this class, I highly highly recommend this class, not just for beginners. I’m in the US, she is in India, and we worked it out perfectly. Looking forward to another class. Can’t wait to post my first piece.Thank you so much Anuja."

- Tommi

Screen Shot 02-25-23 at 09.10 AM.JPG

"The workshop was great and as a beginner, I learnt a lot from Anuja! She explains very well and is very patient. I need a lot of practice now and hope to create one day also a beautiful picture. Anuja is very talented an makes wonderful art. :-) Thank you very much Anuja!"

- Ariane


"Amazing experience. It’s been my dream to learn this wonderful process of learning this techniques from Anuja , she is such an amazing mentor . she teaches me with so much clarity and answered all my doubts. Quick response if we have any doubts in buying products . Thank you Anuja for sharing your knowledge."

- Saranya

one to one alcohol ink workshop.JPG
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