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Enjoy the vibrant hues of inks and let the gradients mesmerize you.

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A note on alcohol ink art

Alcohol inks are dye-based colors that come in vibrant hues. The fun of working with alcohol inks is in bringing out the gradients and transparencies of the ink. The colors and the lightness achieved is not possible with any other medium.  Alcohol inks show their magic on non-porous surfaces like Yupo paper, acrylic, glass, ceramics, etc., where they are allowed to flow and blend seamlessly. 

All the artworks displayed above are done on Yupo paper that is specially designed to bring out the best colors of alcohol inks. Each artwork is sealed with several layers of acrylic spray as well as UV protection spray. It is advised to display alcohol ink paintings away from direct sunlight as they might lose color over time (just like colored clothes fade when you hang them in the sun). 

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