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Why are alcohol inks so intoxicating and addictive?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

You are probably reading this because you must have seen alcohol ink art somewhere on the social media and must be wondering how free-flowing, vibrant and attractive it looks. The colors are vivid, they mix to create unique blends, the transparencies created are wispy and have an almost ethereal look, and each piece has so many delicate micro-moments where something exceptional is happening that is so magnificent to look at and enjoy.

What’s the appeal that is drawing more and more people to alcohol inks and fluid arts?

There are millions of people like me, who have had no formal education in art, but still enjoy the process of creating and looking at creations by others. In traditional forms of art, it’s difficult to start something without training and years of dedicated practice. But, with alcohol inks and other fluid arts that entry barrier is not there. Anybody can start anytime and play with this medium. You can, if you wish to, make realistic paintings with alcohol inks and brushes, but another level of beauty is achieved when you allow them to flow, and mix, and blend, and spread, and dry, and do their own magic. And in doing so, you learn to let yourself be free.

We strive for control in our daily lives, but in art when we see how beauty can be achieved when we let go, we attain an exciting level of high that is almost addictive.

Once you start enjoying the process of creating, whatever outcome you achieve would be stunning in your eyes. And even if it is not, it doesn’t matter, as you can start all over again.

I get dreams of colors mixing, flowing into each other, ripples forming, drops expanding into unique designs and textures, and when I wake up, I just want to get started and try to write that story on paper with colors. The colors I pick and the designs I choose to make are all instinctive and I do not stop myself worrying about the outcome. Sometimes, I create something that others like as well, and sometimes, it is just for me to enjoy.

The only thing that I’ve realized is that it is only when you let yourself be and enjoy the process, you will achieve happiness and a satiated state of mind that nobody can touch. And that is why art with alcohol inks is so addictive.

About the artist:

Anuja Aggarwal is an alcohol ink artist in India. She regularly conducts online alcohol ink art workshops in India. Her work is full of vibrant colours and gradients that are a delight to look at. She guides people on how to lose inhibitions and allow the colours to do their own magic.

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