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Products I Use For Working With Alcohol Inks

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I am listing here all the products needed for working with alcohol inks. I use these during my online alcohol ink workshops and many of you ask about them. I am not promoting any of these products. I just use them and find them good. I am sure there are many other similar, good or better products out there, so please do your own research before buying.

Inks: I usually use inks from Nara Inks (Indian Brand), Beyond Inks (Indian Brand), Shilpi Inks (Indian Brand), Jacquard Pinata Inks, Tim Holtz Ranger Inks, and Copic Inks

Surface: I use Nara Papers (synthetic paper and black paper), Yupo paper/synthetic paper/black paper (Beyond Inks), Black and White Acrylic Surfaces (Diy4u), and Ceramic tiles. Sometimes I use Alcohol Ink Paper by Brustro.

Alcohol: I use 99% pure isopropyl alcohol by Diy4u. I have also used several generic brands from Amazon and most of them work fine.

Dryer: I use a very basic travel hair dryer. Go to Amazon, search for "hair dryer", sort with "price low to high", and you will find many of such dryers. Select the one that delivers fastest to your address. Philips small hair dryer 1000 watts also works well. I also use the back part of Panasonic hot air hair brush. Read my blog post about the best dryers for alcohol inks for more info.

Bottles: I use dropper bottles to transfer alcohol from a bigger bottle and needle tip applicator bottles for dropping a very controlled amount of alcohol. I also use a spray bottle for some effects. When buying a spray bottle make sure it gives a fine mist, instead of a spurt. I had purchased these bottles from Amazon.

Disposable Sheet: Many of you have asked what kind of sheet I put on my work surface to absorb the dripping ink. I use disposable spa sheets/hospital sheets purchased from Amazon to put over my work area. I also use vinyl table covering to protect my table surface. It's easy to wipe with alcohol.

Alcohol ink art sealing products: I use Brustro Artist's Picture Varnish Gloss, Winsor & Newton Gloss Varnish, and Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. More info about sealing.

Pens: I use a variety of pens to write or draw over the inked surface. Please experiment yourself as well with the pens you already have. I use Sharpies, Posca Pens, Permanent Markers, Faber Castell Pitt Pens, OHP/DVD Markers, etc.

Other miscellaneous stuff: I also use a simple plastic palette, a few synthetic-hair brushes in sizes 4,6,8, watercolor brush pen filled with alcohol.

I hope these images would help you to find these products with ease. Do let me know if you find some other products that are useful for working with alcohol inks.

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