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Painting ceramic planters with alcohol inks

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Alcohol inks work extremely well on ceramic surfaces and you can have a lot of fun through these simple techniques to paint your planters with them.

The video contains four beginner-friendly alcohol ink techniques to paint ceramic pots or planters or cups.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The colored inks will be properly visible only on white or very light-colored planters. If you wish to use dark-colored planters, use metallic or white inks.

  • This is purely decorative art. Although the colors are water-resistant and will not get removed so easily, it is still advisable to use them for indoor plants so that they are not exposed to harsh weather conditions and sunlight.

  • After painting, follow the process of sealing the art to increase the life of the design.

About the artist:

Anuja Aggarwal is an alcohol ink artist in India. She regularly conducts online alcohol ink art workshops in India. Her work is full of vibrant colours and gradients that are a delight to look at.

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