Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

About the artist

Hello, I am Anuja Aggarwal. Welcome to my gallery.

I always loved painting and felt inspired whenever I saw something beautiful, but I never thought that I had it in me to create something and put it out there. I never had the confidence to show my work to the world.


When I was in Japan, I came across the concept of “Ikigiai” and I realized that art is the only thing that makes me truly happy and allows me to enter my state of “flow” where I do not think about anything else, but just enjoy the moment.


So, I decided to start my pursuit and painted whenever possible. I scoured through hundreds of online videos and sites to learn the tricks and create something on my own. I’ve been trying hard since then, and finally, I have reached a place where I have been enjoying the process and have stopped worrying about the outcome. But I can surely say that each painting comes from a happy place in my heart.


With the encouragement of well-wishers, I’ve put together a humble gallery of artworks – “Piece Of My Art”.

Hope you like it.

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