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Another Milestone - Launching My Shop

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Today, I have an exciting announcement. I am launching my very own shop where you can browse through my available art and purchase from there directly. Yay! I am super excited about it. Click here to visit my shop.

It has taken me a while to reach here – offering my art for sale. It took a lot of courage to put a price tag on each of the pieces that I have poured my heart into. I feel like I am moving into an unknown realm. I have been making my art without any thoughts about selling it for a long time. I did not put a “for sale” sign on my art as I was always worried about how I would feel if it doesn’t sell. Till now, all the sales or projects have been through people who contacted me directly after liking my work. But now, it has been over two years since I have been painting almost daily and there’s so much more I would like to make as I slowly transition to becoming a full-time artist. With this launch, I am hoping that people who like my art would be able to find it easily and would be able to support my work.

It has been a journey with a lot of hard work, learning new things, exploring new opportunities, experimentation, making new friends all over the world, conquering inhibitions, learning new technologies, managing stress caused due to lockdown, all the while creating what I loved to make. This is my first step towards selling the fruit of my labor.

I am extremely fortunate to have people around me, at my home and on the web, who shower encouragement, who inspire me, who support me, lift my spirits, trust me as a teacher, and push me to explore my potential. I thank you all for each “follow”, each “like”, each encouraging remark, for those beautiful DMs, for messaging me when you resonated with my thoughts, and for simply being there. You all mean a lot to me.

Thank you for being a part of my journey till now and in the future. Hope my art finds a place in your heart as well as your home.

Please note: For now, my website doesn’t support multi-currency payments, so I have used the most popular currency (USD). Payment can be made through PayPal directly from the website. Indian friends can please change the currency to INR from the option at the top of the page to know the price in Indian rupees and then please contact me directly to buy.

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