Ripples & Flowers


An advanced techniques workshop for people who already work with alcohol inks.

13 March, Saturday

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)


During the session, I would demonstrate the following techniques:


  1. Creating ripples in layers and in a continuous motion

  2. Creating ripples along with gold metallic 

  3. Flowers with veins

  4. Roses, roses with gold, roses on a background

Layered Ripples
Layered Ripples
Continuous Ripples + Gold
Continuous Ripples + Gold
Flowers With Veins
Flowers With Veins
Roses + Gold
Roses + Gold
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Material needed for the workshop:


1. Alcohol inks (colored inks, metallic ink)
2. 99% isopropyl alcohol in a dropper bottle
3. A simple hair dryer with low heat and pressure setting (up to 1000 watt)
4. Synthetic paper or Acrylic surface 
5. Tissue papers

​Please note: 

  • Upon registration, the participants would receive a PDF of useful information about the products and tools needed for these art techniques.

  • All participants will get discount code for purchasing products from

  • The workshop would be conducted on Zoom and the video recording of the session would be shared with the participants (accessible for one month).

  • A WhatApp group of the participants would be created to interact, share art, and help with further advice.

CLICK HERE to order the KIT  (for delivery in India only)

The discounted kit by Nara Papers includes: 

  • A pack of 10-inches circular Nara Papers (6 sheets of 200 GSM)

  • 3 colors of inks (Gulabi, Starlit Hues, Jalapeno Stroke)

  • 1 bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol - 50ml with dropper

  • Gloves