Alcohol Ink Techniques Workshop

6 March, Saturday

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm India Time (IST) (GMT +5:30)


An alcohol ink workshop that includes the most popular beginner-friendly effects on Instagram. With these techniques, you can make small to large-sized paintings with confidence.

A perfect workshop to help you get started with alcohol inks. Step-by-step guidance so you can easily understand and master the skills of using the inks to create beautiful art.

During the workshop, we will make the following paintings together:​​

Material needed for the workshop:


1. Alcohol inks (colored inks, white ink, metallic ink - Recommended metallic is Pinata Brass)
2. 99% isopropyl alcohol
3. Synthetic paper or Acrylic surface 

4. A simple hair dryer with low heat and pressure setting (up to 1000 watt)
5. A small spray bottle filled with alcohol (optional)
6. A couple of synthetic-hair paint brushes (flat/round - any 2/4/6/8 no.) 
7. A plastic palette
8. A straw (optional)
9. Tissue papers

(For those ordering the KIT, please also arrange products listed from no. 4 to 9 above.)

Please note:

  • Participants are requested to join the workshop WhatsApp group for guidance before and after the workshop and for easy communication.

  • They will get discount codes to buy products for further practice.

  • Video of the workshop would be provided for one-month access after the workshop.

  • Registered participants will get the meeting link one day before the workshop.

Please click here to see the complete details of the products I use.


For any queries please get in touch with me at or Instagram.

Full Surface
Full surface with color gradient
Wispy Abstract Art
Wispy abstract art
Wispy Abstract Flowers
Wispy Abstract Flowers
Brush Techniques
Brush Techniques
Background & Circles
Backgrounds and circles
Abstract Composition
Abstract Composition
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CLICK HERE to order the KIT  (for delivery in India only)

The specially priced kit by Nara Papers includes:

  • 6 sheets of 8 inches diameter circle (275 microns)

  • 1 black sheet of 8 inches diameter circle

  • 4 inks (Strawberry Milk+Mermaid's Dress+Vintage Green+Arctic White) 

  • 50 ml Iso propyl alcohol+ dropper

  • Gloves + straw